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Manhattan Cafe

About us

We’re brothers from Florida operating a restaurant named Manhattan Cafe in the heart of North Carolina. A little weird, we know, but we are good at it! Come in, try some of our fantastic, tasty food, and become family.

Where DTR Does Lunch!

Our fast-casual concept allows us to get our wonderful guests in and out with time to spare! Whether dining-in, ordering online or getting it delivered, we take pride in feeding the Downtown Raleigh Workforce!

Our Team

We are blessed to be able to work with the best team in the world! Our roles as owners is to foster an environment where our team can grow and become better people in all aspects of their lives.

Southern Hospitality with a Big City Variety

Our slogan of "Southern hospitality with a big city variety" means just that. We have a wide variety of options and there will always be a friendly smile while serving you. Stop by and give us a try and say hello to the family!

Thank You!

We are always humbled by our team and our guests. We get to do what we love in an area that we love! If you have been to our Cafe or are reading this,

THANK YOU for supporting us!